STC select 2014-15 season posters

D2 - Print/Typographic

Designer: Design: Tony Jurgilas, RGD

Agency: 50 Carleton

Description: STC has been a client of 50 Carleton (and previously Tony Jurgilas Design Inc.) for more than 15 years. In that time we have “enjoyed” working with several artistic directors, each with their own ideas of what a poster should be. Alas, an opportunity arose that found the client temporarily without an AD. This was a chance to design a “series” of posters from the perspective of continuity and consistency. The minimalist take on this season’s creative has already made a significant impact on subscriptions. (This is a selection of the prescribed maximum of 5 of a total of 10 posters).

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Sudbury is experiencing a creative boom,and it's time to start bragging. The Sudbury Design Society invited local creative professionals and students to submit work to the first annual exhibition of the best our community has to offer, design to art. These are the selected winners.

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